Albert Einstein's brain becomes a new iPad app

Albert Einstein brain 
By: Moses Gold 

Want to have access to the smartest brain ever? Now you can.

The brain that revolutionized physics, can now be downloaded as an application for $9.99. However, the brain will not help with winning the Angry Birds games.

The genius inside the Albert Einstein brain is not included in the download. An exclusive iPad application launched this week promises to make images of the brain more accessible to scientists than ever. Teachers, students and anyone who is curious, can also take a look.

A medical museum under development in Chicago, Illinois, obtained funding to scan and digitize about 350 slides of fragile and priceless slices based on Einstein's brain after his death in 1955.

The application will allow researchers and novices to peer into the brain of the eccentric Nobel winner, as if looking through a microscope.

"I cannot wait to see what they will find," said Steve Landers, a consultant to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago, who designed the application. "I would think that Einstein would have been excited," he said.



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