Arizona man arrested for recording video dressed as a Muslim terrorist

YouTube video showing a Muslim terrorist on the streets of Arizona 
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) A U.S. man was arrested this week after he posted a video to YouTube, which showed a Muslim terrorist walking the streets of Arizona.

Posted on YouTube for the world and police to see, a teenager was dressed as a Muslim terrorist, and wearing a fake Rocket Propelled Grenade. The man behind this video is now in serious trouble with the police.

It was not exactly a terrorist plot, but the actions of the man certainly created a huge shock for the Phoenix Police Department during the summer, and the independent movie maker now faces some serious charges.

Neighbors and police complained that the stunt was very dangerous.

That independent movie maker Michael David Turley faces four different charges, including the danger of giving false information.
Police said that he never told them that the true intent of the movie was to test police response time.

The YouTube video has received many views since it was posted. The video showed a man wielding what appears to be a Rocket Propelled Grenade, standing at the intersection of 33rd Avenue and Bell Street.

According to Turley, this was a test to see how quickly the police responded to the threat.

Turley was arrested this week in connection with the stunt.

"Imagine driving on Bell Street and see someone pointing a grenade launcher at you," Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes said.

Officer Holmes said that the actor who played the aspiring terrorist, is the 16-year-old nephew of Turley. They said that the teenager is lucky he was not hurt.

"What if one of these citizens decided that this person dressed like a Muslim terrorist with that rocket decided he was a danger to himself and decided to run over that child?" Holmes said.

It seems like it took nearly 15 minutes for police to reach the scene.

"We were there within a minute of the call," Holmes said.
"A helicopter was circling around the neighborhood," a neighbor said.

Phoenix Police said that nine 911 calls were made, and the nephew of Turley admitted that the stunt was dangerous.

Turley posted the video on his Facebook page, and admitted he made the video, saying in part that a person has to do something extreme to make a point.



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