Woman admits to killing her five infants

Babies in the hospital 
By: Debbie Gross 

A woman claims that fear from her husband led her to kill her five newborn babies, according to police reports in Germany.

The woman killed her five babies shortly after giving birth in secret at home and in the woods, because each time she became pregnant she worried that her husband would leave her if she had more children, officials said this week.

The woman, 28, who has been arrested on five counts of manslaughter, made a thorough confession to the murders after turning herself in after a six-year investigation, said Ulrike Stahlmann Liebelt, the chief prosecutor in Flensburg, which is located on the border with Denmark.

Stahlmann Liebelt said the woman, whose name was withheld in accordance with German privacy laws, has two living children, aged 8 and 10. In 2006, sh ebegan hiding her pregnancies, stayed away from doctors and hospitals, and killed the babies after giving birth to two at home and three in the forest, he said.

"She had the impression that her husband would leave her if she had more children, and so she did not tell anyone she was pregnant, including her husband," Stahlmann-Liebelt said.

"She said that the family lived in a certain level of prosperity, so it was clear that her husband did not want any more children, and that one reason was to preserve this level, therefore, she feared that she might be in danger if another child was born," he added.

The husband told police he knew nothing of the pregnancies, Stahlmann Liebelt said. It was not entirely clear how the woman managed to keep the five pregnancies secret.

Stahlmann-Liebelt said there have been other cases where a woman’s pregnancy went unnoticed by their peers and loved ones.



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