Two jailed after dissolving bodies in acid for Mexican drug gang

Jose Olivera Beritan and David Valencia 
By: Moses Gold 

Two men were arrested and jailed after being accused of dissolving dead human bodies in acid for Mexican drug gangs, according to police reports in California.

The two men now face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment for the murders of two men, whose bodies were dissolved in acid in the San Diego area, by a group of Mexican drug traffickers.

Jose Olivera Beritan and David Valencia will be sentenced this week, four months after a jury found them guilty of first degree murder.

The men were the first to go to trial among 17 people charged in the case involving nine murders in the San Diego area.

Prosecutors said they were part of a group of suspected murderers acting on behalf of a Mexican trafficker, and led a cell that had separated from the Tijuana-based Arellano-Felix cartel. Officials said the cell is now dissolved.



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