Hungry pigs found eating their 70-year-old owner

Terry Garner's pigs 
By: Debbie Gross 

Hungry pigs decided it was their chance to eat the humans.

A family member of a pig farmer in Oregon, found the body parts of their relative scattered throughout the farm in a horrible scene, leaving authorities to believe it was a case of pork eating human.

A pathologist could not determine whether the pigs were the real cause of death of 70-year-old Terry Garner, but a forensic expert from the University of Oregon, will perform additional tests, according to reports.

"What a way," said someone who answered the phone at the home of Garner.

Investigators do not rule out the possibility that someone else might have been involved.

"Because of the special circumstances, the Sheriff's Office is investigating whether a crime may have resulted in the death of Mr. Garner," District Attorney Paul Frasier said.

Garner was on his farm near rural Riverton last Wednesday, when a family member went to look after him.

Garner’s dentures were seen first in the pig cage and then other body parts were discovered randomly, though most of it had already been eaten.

The Sheriff's Office has a couple of theories about what happened, including that Garner may have suffered a medical emergency such as a heart attack, leaving him in "a position where pigs could consume him," according to a statement.

In another scenario, the pigs with a weight of 700 pounds each may have beaten Garner, overwhelming him before killing him, authorities said.

It is unclear exactly how many pigs live on the farm, but police believe that one of them had been aggressive towards Garner before.

Pigs have previously been known to eat people.



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