Man smuggles himself into country hidden inside car seat

Man hidden inside car seat 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Two professional smugglers were arrested after they tried to smuggle a man from Western Africa into the Spain.

The smugglers took the foam out of the Renault 7 passenger car making room for the 20-year-old man to hide inside.

They helped the 20-year-old Guinean get inside between the springs of the seat, and then they replaced the seat fabric over the seat.

While driving into Spain's North African enclave of Melilla, one of the smugglers drove the car while the other one sat in the passenger seat on top of the hidden immigrant.

After checking out the car, police realized that there was a third man inside the car, which had Moroccan license plates. When they inspected the seat, they felt that something was not right as they felt something inside the seat instead of soft foam.

"We've seen some fairly bizarre attempts to get across the border, but nothing like this before," a police spokesperson said.



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