Two little boys jailed for ripping a Koran in Egypt

Christian boys in Egypt 
By: Moses Gold 

Two little boys were jailed after they were arrested for ripping a Koran, according to reports.

Two Coptic Christian children in Egypt, who are accused of destroying a copy of the Koran and urinating on it, have been placed in juvenile detention, the boys' lawyer said this week.

A series of incidents of religious fights have increased tensions between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

Residents of the village of Marco in the province of Beni Suef south of Cairo, filed complaints against the two boys, who were arrested on Tuesday, and then charged with blasphemy, the lawyer Gamal Eid said.

The village residents and reporters said a passerby on Monday, had seen the children tearing pages from a Koran and urinating on it in front of the local mosque.

The passerby took the two children to the local priest to condemn the incident, residents said, but was not satisfied with what he saw as insufficient reprimand by the priest. That is when he decided to file a complaint with the police.

It was not immediately clear why the children had desecrated the Koran, but some residents said that the boys were playing and not prompted by any person to carry out the act.

Residents said prosecutors had asked for the boys to be jailed for seven days pending an investigation.

Security was reinforced by the town on Tuesday, to prevent a possible outbreak of sectarian violence after a group of Muslims gathered around the police station where the children are held to demand their prosecution, residents said.

About 10 percent of the 83 million people in Egypt are Christians.



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