QVC continues selling while host faints on live television

Cassie Slane faints 
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) QVC continued selling as nothing happened after the host fainted during a live TV broadcast, according to video uploaded to the Interent.

Even in the world of TV Home Shopping, the show must go on.

The QVC segment on Sunday night, with host Dan Wheeler, gave viewers a scare when guest host Cassie Slane began patting her chest and then seemed to faint.

Even when the cameras cut away from the scene, Wheeler continued to talk about the product barely missing a beat.

QVC did not comment about what had happened, although another host said on Facebook that Slane was experiencing the effects of low blood sugar.

Slane wrote on her Facebook page om Monday, that she was "feeling much better today," but did not elaborate on what happened.

During the segment, Slane and Wheeler chatted about FunTab Pro, an Android tablet for children.

"The kids love tablets. They love to play with the tablets, and they love the games," Slane said.

As she continued talking, she stumbled over her words and then patted her chest several times. Finally, she leaned forward, leading Wheeler to grab her.

"Are you okay?" Asked Wheeler as the screen cut to an image of the product.

Without explaining what had happened, he launched into a description of the FunTab.

The unfortunate incident left viewers scratching their heads.

"Can you let us know how the presenter of the FabTab Tablet Pro is doing? Poor thing. Too afraid to see," wrote one Facebook user to QVC host Carolyn Gracie, who had joined the rest of the segment with Wheeler.

Gracie said she was recovering after the Slane scare.

"Cassie is fine now, thank God," she wrote. "She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. She's a good girl."

It was actually the second time that Slane collapsed on QVC. In August 2010, she dropped an electronic reader that she was presenting, according to videos on the Internet.



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