Biggest loser contest held for animals

Jack the King Charles spaniel 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) Michelle Obama has gone all out in a war against obesity of kids. One group has taken the obesity problem to a whole new level, targeting obese animals.

In an effort to get pets to lose weight, the group held a pet biggest loser contest called the “animal fit club."

17 chubby pets competed for the title of biggest loser. Dogs, cats, and rabbits took part in the animal slimming competition.

Having adopted an eight-year-old seriously overweight dog, Rose Welsh, 52, from Stanmore, north-west London, United Kingdom, dedicated herself to bringing her pet’s weight under control.

Jack the King Charles spaniel was so overweight it could barely walk. Jack was more than double the ideal weight for its breed. Her efforts paid off when her spaniel Jack won the competition, and was crowned the biggest loser of 2012 after shedding 14 pounds.

“Today it is a different dog, and we call it Jumping Jack instead of Jumbo Jack. The dog is fit, healthy and happy, everything a pet should be, and we are absolutely thrilled,” a proud Welsh said.

PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Sean Wensley, added: “This is a great success story for all concerned. As for Jack, it undoubtedly feels much fitter and happier, and has a greater life expectancy than when it was overweight.”

A cat named Fifi Bottomley was another success story. It lost 4.4 pounds in the slimming contest organized by veterinary charity, PDSA.

One rabbit named Bobby managed to shed 29 percent of its body weight.



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