Chase bank ATMs in New York City dispensed fake money

Chase ATM illustration 
By: David Ross 

Some thought that Chase is running out of real money as several ATMs stationed in Chase banks, were dispensing fake currency, according to reports.

Two ATMs in Manhattan, had $110,000 in counterfeit currency stored inside, police said.
The fakes were easy to spot because the bills had printings on just one side, the sources said.

Police want to question an employee of the company that services the two machines, the sources said, adding that investigators suspect that real currency was exchanged for the fake currency.

The forgeries were discovered around 12:30 p.m., when an alarm was triggered after it recognized the counterfeits, police said.

Both banks are Chase branches. One is located on West 57th Street, and the other on Ninth Avenue.

Two clients received counterfeit notes and handed them to bank employees. It is not known how many people withdrew fake currency. It is also not known the amount of fake currency that was withdrawn from these ATMs and other ATMs.



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