Health official warns: Don't drink milk and drive

Kefir drinks 
By: Eva Fett 

A Russian official has caused the public to ridicule him after urging the public to stop drinking a milk beverage and drive, according to reports.

The Russian health official said on Monday, that drinking and driving do not mix, even when the beverage in question is kefir, a fermented milk drink containing less than one percent of alcohol.

The comments by Gennady Onishchenko, Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia, led to an explosion of criticism and ridicule on Twitter.

Dozens of users circulated a photo of a glass of kefir with the caption, "Kefir? No! I’m driving!"

The authorities have been struggling to condemn drunken driving as a drunk driver in September killed seven people, including five orphaned children, after hitting a bus stop in Moscow.

Some lawmakers have proposed life sentences for drivers who kill while under the influence. It has been said that drunk driving is a bigger threat than terrorism.

During a hearing of the Public Chamber, a government watchdog proposed to lower the maximum blood alcohol level for drivers, when Onishchenko said kefir lovers must decide between getting behind the wheel, or drink kefir. Getting drunk on kefir is virtually impossible as its alcohol content is too low.



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