Woman gets $15 quadrillion phone bill

Woman looking at her bill 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) A woman was not exactly sure how to read a number with so many zeros when her phone bill arrived.

Phone company bills often ruin people's lives. Outrageous charges in the thousands of dollars have become routine.

Imagine how Solenne San Jose felt when she received a bill for nearly $15 Quadrillion.
Yep. Quadrillion.

As in $15,000,000,000,000,000.

"There were so many zeros that I could not even figure out how much it was," San Jose said.

She lives in the Bordeaux region of southwestern France, usually known for great wine, pastoral landscapes and now completely insane phone bills.

To give an idea of how big $15 quadrillion is, San Jose would have to pay about 6,000 times the country's annual economic output if she really wrote a check for that amount.

The anxiety level of San Jose was not helped when service representatives of her phone company, Bouygues Telecom, said they were powerless to stop the amazing amount to be withdrawn from her bank account.

“I would have loved to see the face of the bankers when the transaction was to hit my account,” San Jose said.

Eventually, the company acknowledged the possibility of a mistake. San Jose's current bill, they admitted, was about $150.
Bouygues Telecom blamed the confusion on a printing error.



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