Dog alerts owner after 9-week-old baby stops breathing

The Brousseau family dog 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) A family dog helped alert parents that their 9-week-old baby has stopped breathing, according to reports.

The Brousseau family rescued their dog six years ago, and the dog returned the favor on Sunday, in Portland, Oregon. The Brousseaus said that the dog named Duke, is responsible for saving the life of their baby daughter.

On Sunday night, Duke jumped on the bed and trembled uncontrollably, enough to wake them. "If Duke had not been so scared, we would have gone to sleep," Jenna Brousseau said.

"The dog is incredibly obedient, so this was very strange," Jenna said.

Since Duke has never done this before, they knew something was wrong. They immediately checked on their 9-week-old daughter, and Harper and discovered that she was not breathing.

"My husband called 911 and the ambulance came here, and it was because of our dog Duke that alerted us," Jenna said.

Harper was taken to an area hospital after being revived by paramedics.

"I say all the time: 'You were born in Mommy’s heart,' just because it was meant to be ours," Brousseau said.

The Brousseaus wanted to share their story because they wanted to inspire others to consider rescuing an animal as they did.



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