Family cat saves 2-week-old baby from death

Family kitten 
By: Shifra Unger 

Family pets are known for saving their owners from all types of situations.

A family cat has saved a woman’s 2-week-old infant from dying after suffering from a breathing difficulty.

Shimra Greenes' son Yitzy, has finally fallen asleep when Shimra ran to take a well deserved shower.

It was after midnight. After a minute or so she heard her cat, Two Socks, pawing at the door howling in a way she never did before.

At first, she didn’t think anything of it. Then, when the cat wouldn't stop, Shimra got out quickly, wrapped herself in a towel and followed the kitten. In shock, she saw her son, Yitzy, in his crib screaming and turning blue. Soon after, he stopped breathing.

“It was very scary,” Shimra said.

She rushed Yitzy to the hospital.

At first, the hospital doctors didn't know what was wrong with the 2-week-old infant.

After some time, the baby was diagnosed with having trouble getting the hang of breathing, according to the doctor. His pulse was very low, in the 70s.

He recovered after a few days on oxygen, and is now an amazing little boy.

“He wants to be an inventor,” his mother said.

Shimra added: “Two Socks is home with my mother, and was a great companion to my bedridden grandmother until her recent death."



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