Man looks like a silicone sculpture after 90 cosmetic surgeries

Justin Jedlica 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) A New York City man has spent about $100,000 so far, for 90 cosmetic surgeries, and he is still not happy with the results.

The 32-year-old Justin Jedlica’s sculpted physique would have you thinking he is working out a gym, but in reality, his muscles are made from silicone, and not from working out.

Most of his upper body has been enlarged with silicone implants. He’s had six-pack implants, triceps implants and biceps implants, all in the quest to look perfect.

He admits that it all started with a nose job. As a child, he was an overachiever and a straight-A student, but he was always obsessed with the size of his nose. As soon as he was able to change it he decided to do it. Five nose jobs later, his nose is “good, but not yet perfect,” Jedlica said.

“My first nose-job, was a ‘need’ the rest have been ‘wants,’” he added. After his nose job, he wanted his buttocks to be perkier, tighter, harder, so instead of working out, he got implants. Then, he kept getting more implants.

During the last 10 years, Justin Jedlica has gone through 90 different plastic surgeries. Jedlica loves what he’s allowed himself to become, and he’s not considering stopping his physical transformation anytime soon.

Experts like Dr. Drew Ordin, a Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon, said that by turning himself into a living, breathing silicone sculpture, Justin Jedlica is putting his health and his life at risk.



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