FBI arrests man who stuffed New York ATMs with fake cash at JFK

By: Shifra Unger 

Last week, several ATMs in New York City, spat out fake cash to Chase bank customers.

The man accused of stuffing at least two ATMs in Manhattan, with counterfeit money was arrested on Monday afternoon, authorities said.

Gene Carlo Pena, 26, was arrested at John F Kennedy Airport in the afternoon after voluntarily returning to New York from the Dominican Republic, the FBI said. He worked for a company that services the ATMs.

He faces several charges including embezzlement and other charges related to counterfeiting. It is unclear if he has an attorney.

The amateur counterfeits were put into two Chase bank branches ATMs to replace the cash that had been stolen. The bank was short a total of $11,000.

The counterfeits were blank on one side and authorities believe they were meant to deceive the ATMs in the belief that they were full of real cash.

However, the machines were able to distinguish most of them from the real banknotes, an official said. The police of New York, and the Secret Service have helped the investigation.



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