National guard recruiters shoot homeless with paintballs

Military grade paintball machine 
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The U.S. Army National Guard is accused of severe abuse, including shooting paintballs at homeless, according to reports.

Military recruiters with the Arizona National Guard, engaged in a pattern of systemic misconduct in the last decade, including cases of sexual abuse, forgery, embezzlement and assault, including riding in a Humvee and shooting paintball guns at homeless people, according to a five-month investigation.

Interviews with military officers, police reports and military documents were obtained through public records requests.

The alleged irregularities took place mainly by a small group of military recruiters assigned to visit high schools as part of efforts to enlist people in the armed forces.

National Guard commanders failed to hold subordinates responsible for irregularities, in part because they also have been guilty of unethical behavior.

In response to the investigation, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, announced an investigation into the military operations of the Arizona National Guard, by an officer of another state.

A cyclist reported incidents of a painted camouflage Humvee driving down Seventh Street, while shooting paintballs at north Phoenix pedestrians. When a colleague asked Michael Amerson about the incident, Amerson reportedly replied, "You're not aware of bum hunting?"

Further investigations unearthed more allegations of sexual misconduct, including offering food, money or drinks to homeless women in exchange of exposing their breasts.



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