Man sticks his head in urine bucket for $450

Man sticking his head in urine 
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) A man desperately needed $450 so he stuck his head into a bucket of urine. Luckily, a man with a camera was on the scene and recorded it so the world could see.

There are thousands of reasons not to do a head dunk in a bucket of urine, but a man in Cleveland, Ohio, found 450 reasons to take the plunge.

The man, whose name is "Phil," accepted a bet at a Cleveland Browns tailgate party yesterday requiring him to put the ball in a bucket almost full of piss that was obtained from passersby.

Despite the cries of "Do not do it, Phil!" The man stood firm, and as the stream of YouTube videos show the man became $450 richer and the envy of everyone around.

The primitive appeal of a grown man's head dipped in urine is undeniable.

"How many people and how long does it take to fill a five gallon bucket with urine? What poor devil had to sit next to this man during the game?"

If you feel jealous of Phill for winning $450 so easily, don't worry, go outside and challenge someone to a bet, you might get lucky and win even more.



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