Woman discovers that her husband is really her father

Valerie Spruill 
By: Debbie Gross 

After being married many years, a woman found out that her husband is really her father.

The woman has now spoken of the horror she felt when she discovered that her late husband was actually her father.

Valerie Spruill, 60, of Doylestown, Ohio, only made the gruesome discovery through DNA testing after her husband Percy had died.

Spruill, who has three children and eight grandchildren, now tells her story in an attempt to find her other siblings of her father.

"It needs to be told, because children need to know where they come from," she said. "I know it hurts, because I have been devastated by this,” she said.

The confusion started because she was under the care of her grandparents, since she was 3-months-old.

Her mother, Christine, was one of the "ladies of the night" as she called her, who testified in the 1980 trial of Summit County Probate Judge James Barbuto, after being charged with sex crimes.

Valerie's mother and father lived together since they were just 15-years-old, and the number of children they had were not clear, but she is aware of at least six children.

She was cared for by her grandparents and her mother visited sometime. Even Valerie thought she was just a family friend.

At nine-years-old, she was devastated when she learned that Christine, who died in 1984, had been her mother. It also meant the man she thought was her father was actually her grandfather.

She was not told who her real father was. Valerie later met and married Percy.

Percy, who was born in Mississippi, worked as a truck driver and a parking assistant.

He died in 1998, after a brief illness at age 60, but for years, she had heard strange rumors about their relationship.

She finally learned the truth about her marriage after an uncle of Percy died, and confirmed the relationship with a DNA test after discovering hair in a brush in his room.

She does not know for sure that he was aware that he had married his daughter, but she said she feels strongly that he knew, but he was just afraid to tell her.

Since his death, Valerie, who is retired, has been seeing a therapist to help deal with the creepy revelation.

Valerie has struggled through serious health problems, including an extended stay in the hospital.

She hopes her story can help discover additional siblings.



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