Deer jumps through family’s window and trashes room

Deer trashed this room 
By: John Roberts 

At 7:20 A.M., Randy Abercrombie took out his garbage when he heard a loud bang, but he did not realize what has happened.

His neighbor, David Riggs, from across the street saw a deer running into his neighbor’s front bedroom window.

Riggs started screaming to his neighbor. “He was trying to let me know that a buck just jumped through my window, it happened so quickly, I just missed it,” he said.

At first, Abercrombie thought he can get rid of the deer by himself.

"I picked up one of the kid's car seats to use as a shield," he said. He thought of using his gun, “but then I realized that my gun was in the closet where the deer was," he laughed.

When he peeked into the room, he changed his mind as the deer was running around destroying the room.

"I decided, this isn’t going to work, that's when I shut the door and called animal control," Abercrombie said.

The deer has been inside that bedroom for about 45 minutes, and it was a fairly large deer, he had to come up with a plan.

“The deer was temporarily tranquilized and later gently released back out into the wild,” animal control officers John Hart said.

“He certainly left behind a big mess,” he added.



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