New York man sues police officer who called him an animal

Jovan Jofferson and Kieron Johnson 
By: John Roberts 

A New York man felt hurt after a police officer called him an animal, so he decided to sue, according to reports.

A Bronx resident testified in the current "Clean Halls" civil rights trial that a police officer stopped him and called him an animal as he innocently left his girlfriend's apartment.

"I felt violated, to say the least," Charles Bradley, 52, who was arrested for trespassing on May 3, 2011 said.

When he tried to explain himself, the New York Police Department officer said: "I'm trying to talk to you as a gentleman and you behave like an animal."

Bradley is one of six people who testified on Tuesday, against the New York Police Department after being arrested for allegedly improper trespass on privately owned buildings in the Bronx, which they patrolled under the "Clean Halls" program.

Prosecutors later vacated the arrest, he said.

Plaintiff Kieron Johnson, 21, said he was waiting outside the apartment of a friend to play basketball when he was stopped and searched by officers.

During interrogation, the city attorney said in a statement that Johnson said he had been arrested for truancy after officers asked him why he was not in school.



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