Man shows off his ability to put out candles by punching the air

Chen Jia 
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) A Chinese man demonstrated his ability to blow out 15 candles with his fists.

23-year-old Chen Jia has mastered a unique kung-fu technique he calls the "Shaolin Sunshine Hand," which allows him to generate enough energy with his fists to put out candles.

He can put out up to 15 candles from two meters away. First, he aligns the candles 10 cm apart, with the last candle being placed three meters from his position.

He then invites other people to try to put out the flames, but after much thrusting and punching, the men and women are not successful.

After a brief period of qigong exercise, Chen punches the air several times and within twenty seconds all the candles are out.

Chen, from Zhengzhou Henan Province, said he worked on the method himself.

“This skill is self-taught,” he said.



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