Thief strikes the same house 5 times making off with food, clothes and the family dog

Rachael Schortye 
By: Eva Fett 

A brazen thief kept coming back to the same house stealing food, clothes and the family dog, according to police.

A Philadelphia family said a hungry thief ransacked the food in their refrigerator last week.

The heartless thief came again, swiping the 52-inch flat screen TV, winter clothes, party stuff for a child's eighth birthday and the 3-month-old puppy, either on Saturday or early Sunday, the family said.

"The TV was a gift for them," Rachael Schortye, a devastated mom said tearfully. "It's hard to believe. How do they take someone's clothes?" She added.

The puppy, Miss Piggy, was snatched from the cage, the family said.

Investigators dusted the back door for prints because they believe that the television was taken out from the home that way.

The residents nearby have complained of similar robberies, according to reports.

Police said the thief appears to be cutting holes through window screens and climbing through the open windows. The Schortyes first said they were robbed probably in the morning as they slept.

"The thief took meat, milk and cereal," Schortye said as she complained about the initial intrusion.

The thief apparently entered through a window from the porch. A Halloween mask was found in the house, but it was unclear whether it belonged to the thief.

The family has restocked the shelves of their refrigerator, but the other stolen items seem irreplaceable.

"I have no money to replace these things," Schortye said.



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