Court orders dominatrix to pay for client's suffering

Dominatrix illustration 
By: John Roberts 

A man didn’t know that the dominatrix will cause him so much suffering, according to court documents.

A German court has ordered a dominatrix to pay 200 euros or about $260 to a local charity as a punishment after a client accused her of wounding and robbing him.

Cologne District Court spokesperson Dirk Esser said the complainant had accused the woman he hired for sex last month, of holding a kitchen knife at his throat before demanding his debit card and PIN.

The plaintiff, an undertaker, 49-years-old, also said the woman had held him against his will for five hours.

The court decided that it was impossible to know for sure what really happened because both sides had used cocaine heavily during their meeting.

The more serious charges were dropped, but she was ordered to pay repentance money to a charity that supports victims of crime.

The 35-year-old woman, mother of four, has been in custody for the past five weeks, but the court has refused to compensate her for time she spent in jail, Esser said.

The dominatrix denied keeping the man against his will, adding that he had also asked a fellow transsexual if he could join them.



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