World's largest bra goes up for sale

World's largest bra 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) The world’s largest bar is now up for sale, according to reports.

Large enough to cover two tennis courts, the world's largest bra, a pink mega 1360B, is now available for purchase on ebay for a starting price of just $800.

Designed by London sailmaker M. Putt Sailmakers, the bra was created by Vanish Brand and Chillisauce event agency management for the Breast Cancer Campaign "Wear it Pink" day.

"The goal of the bra auction is to raise awareness and participation in the Wear It Pink Day and raise funds for the Breast Cancer Campaign in the process," director Adrian Simpson said.

The bra is handmade. It also comes with an official certificate from the Guinness World Records.

The mega bra made headlines last year when it hung on the ITV tower in London, where it proved to be an attractive spectacle for travelers along the Thames.

No word yet on whether Chillisauce has been approached by Annie Hawkins-Turner, an Atlanta woman with the largest natural breasts in the world.

Although the 53-year-old’s breasts weigh 85 pounds, it still pales in comparison to the biggest bra in the world, weighing a whopping 198 pounds.



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