Man plants syringe in can of Campbell's soup in bid to get huge payout

Daniel Ferris 
By: John Roberts 

After his house burned down and his kids medical bills were more than he could afford, one father came up with a way to make a quick buck.

Daniel Ferris, 33, of Melbourne, Australia, dropped a syringe into a tin of Campbell’s soup. Then, he went to a local news station claiming that he had found the syringe in a can of butternut pumpkin soup.

After he dropped the syringe into the Campbell’s soup can, he took a photo of it and sent the photo to the company’s headquarters, which is in the United States. Ferris hoped to get a large compensation.

The company took the claim very seriously and they began a major investigation, aware that if proven to be true, they have to halt production and recall many bottles of soup.

Tests at Campbell’s production plant found that it was impossible for the syringe to have passed through the narrow filling point. The health Department in Australia, also investigated the incident.

After an extensive investigation, forensic tests details, which have not been disclosed, found that the father planted the syringe himself.

After being presented with the facts of the investigation, Ferris admitted that he placed the syringe in the soup. Ferris was arrested. The court was told that Ferris wrote a letter to the company in March of last year complaining that he found a syringe in the soup. Then, he went to the media in an attempt to pressure the company to compensate him.

Attorney Jamie Singh, who is representing Ferris, told the court that his client had been stressed at the time. His client was facing mounting medical bills from two children, one with autism and the other with scoliosis. He was also trying to recover from the recent loss of his house fire.

“The offense has to be viewed in the context of the pressures affecting him and his children,” the attorney added.

Judge Michelle Ehrlich said that he made the situation worse by contacted the media. He also made a false statement to police.
Ferris will appear in court again next month, and in the meantime, the judge has ordered him to undergo psychiatric tests.

Ferris tried to win a huge payout from an international food company, but his plan backfired on him. Ferris faces four charges that include extortion.



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