Teacher suspended for telling her students to spit on a boy

Alexandria Kindopp and her son Jaxon 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

Nine-year-old Jaxon Kindopp, who is in fourth grade, was left humiliated after his teacher encouraged her students to spit on him.

Before the boy came home from school, music teacher Pam Lewis, from the Shenandoah Elementary School, called Alexandria Kindopp, to let her know about the incident that happened with her son Jaxon, in school that day.

Jaxon of Iowa, had been misbehaving and annoying other kids by sticking out his tongue out and blowing "raspberries" at a classmate. When he wouldn’t stop, his music teacher confronted him.

The boy’s music teacher told his classmates to spit on him. Jaxon came home upset that day and confirmed the story.

“My music teacher asked me how I would like it if someone did that to me,” Jaxon explains. “Everyone gathered around me and then the teacher said: 'ladies and gentlemen, spit away.'”

His classmates surrounded him, and began spitting on his face and shoulders as he sat at his desk. His good friend Josie Casteel was the only girl who refused to spit at him, saying that she felt bad for him.

Jaxon said he was afraid that other kids’ saliva will get into his mouth, so he shielded his head. In response, his teacher asked him, “Why are you covering your head? I thought you liked being spit on?”

His mother said that having children spit on her son was “humiliating, degrading, and very unsanitary.” Kindopp claims that the incident has left her son Jaxon with a major trust issue.

Tiffany Spiegel, the Shenandoah Elementary Principal said: “The safety and well-being of students is our first priority. We take all claims of bullying and harassment very seriously and we investigate all complaints we receive.”

Shenandoah School Superintendent Jeff Hiser said that Lewis has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation.



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