Real Evil Clown arrested for producing child porn

Martin L. Evanick 
By: Aarav Sen 

A man calling himself the Real Evil Clown is really evil. He was arrested and being held without bail for producing child porn, according to police.

The man from Illinois, who puts on an evil clown suit while playing drums and singing in a thrash metal band, is accused of child pornography.

Martin L. Evanick, 31, was charged last week, and is being held without bail.

Southern District of Illinois prosecutors said that Evanick of Collinsville, had sex with a minor in April, and took close-up photos of the attack.

If convicted, he faces 15 to 30 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Under the pseudonym of Vlad, Evanick was credited as a drummer and vocalist for The Core Of Your Nightmares, a Collinsville metal band, whose songs include "Ripping Through Your Enemies" and "Devastation Empire."

Band photos show him wearing clown makeup with a fake nose and red platform boots that resemble huge clown shoes. He also carried a staff with a skull rainbow wig perched on top of it.

One of his band mates took to the Core of Your Nightmare’s Facebook page to denounce Evanick.

"We do not condone any of the actions Vlad did and we are appalled by his behavior," the message said.

The band said that Evanick "never showed any kind of behavior that made us suspect that he would do what he did", and they pledged to continue making music without him under another name.



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