Man steals cash on his way out from jail

Frank Rodriguez Tapia stealing some cash 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A man just couldn’t resist doing another crime even though he was on his way out from jail, according to reports.

New Mexico authorities said that a man being released from prison allegedly stole $80 during his departure from the premises and used the money to buy food.

The Office of the Santa Fe County Sheriff said that Frank Rodriguez Tapia, 20, was released from jail on Friday, and a security camera recorded him swiping $80 in cash that belonged to another prisoner, who was being held in jail.

Rodriguez Tapia should have reported directly to the office of electronic surveillance, but on the way he stopped for lunch at Lotaburger Blake, the investigator said.

Deputy Sheriff William Pacheco said that Rodriguez Tapia admitted to the theft when he arrived at the office of electronic surveillance and delivered the remaining $67. He now faces a charge of theft.

"You would think that after three or four times in jail, you would take seriously why you were there, and maybe try to change your behavior," Pacheco said.



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