Bus and truck with no drivers suddenly collide

Scene of the incident 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A bus and truck with no drivers suddenly collided, according to reports.

Police in Pennsylvania, said that they are investigating a bizarre accident between a bus and a truck that were both unoccupied.

Patterson police chief Rich Cindrich said that a McCarter transit school bus had been parked by its driver on the street for half an hour, when it began to roll downhill around 9:55 a.m. on Tuesday. It struck a truck, which then also began rolling down the hill.

"We think that the crash probably cut the parking pin of the truck," Cindrich said.

He said that the vehicles traveled down the hill side by side until the truck overturned on its side and the bus hit two utility poles before coming to a rest about 0.1 mile from where it was originally parked.

Cindrich said no injuries were reported.

He said police are still trying to determine why the bus started rolling.

"If it stopped working, odds are it would still be in the on position. Since it was in the off position, it almost seems as if someone had turned off the brake," Cindrich said. "But we have no witnesses, so we cannot say what happened yet," he said.



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