Woman shoots her boyfriend so he should get a nose job

Shayna Huber 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) A woman shot her boyfriend in order to give him the nose job he always wanted, according to reports.

The Kentucky woman, who shot her boyfriend in the head and face several times, said she was giving him "the nose job he wanted," a detective said.

Investigators related a series of gruesome new details at a preliminary hearing Thursday. Shayna Huber, 21, an Eastern Kentucky University student, was charged with murder in the death of her boyfriend Ryan Poston, 29.

"She said she could not bear to see him deformed after shooting him in the face. She said he was useless," Highland Heights Detective Bill Birkenhauer related in a chilling testimony before the District Court of Campbell County.

On that night in early October, Hubers shot Poston, a lawyer, who had just started his own practice, several times in the head and face before shooting him four times to stop him from twitching.

The shooting took place at the kitchen table, Birkenhauer said. Hubers claimed her boyfriend was verbally abusive and that the gun she used was just sitting on the kitchen table.

Her story has been inconsistent, police said.

"She made numerous statements," the officer said. "She said the gun was in his hand at the same time she said the gun was in the closet."

Judge Karen Thomas revoked Huber’s bond for fear of the local community’s security.

Thomas sent the case to a grand jury, according to reports.



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