Kindergarten teacher fired after threatening to beat her students

Tameka Gatewood 
By: authorname 

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was fired after threatening to beat up her students on Facebook, according to reports.

The Memphis, Tennessee kindergarten teacher, is suspended without pay for comments she made about her students on her Facebook page.

Memphis City Schools parents were surprised when they saw the Facebook messages of the Rainshaven Elementary School teacher, Tameka Gatewood.

"Look, teachers like this should not stay in school," Samuel Christian said.

Monica Watson agreed.

"She has to be out of here because how can you do your job and that's what you think about the students?" Watson asked.

Referring to two students, Gatewood posted the following on her Facebook page:

"This is what struck me about both. The girl in my class arrives with nappy hair almost every day and the other child wears dirty clothes, nasty face and cannot read, even. They will not bother anyone when I got through with them."

The students who the teacher referred to are kindergartners.

Another message said: "If another parent tells me it's my job to teach their children it is going to be po po time."

"Po Po" is a slang for the police.

In another post, she offers an alternative to turning the other cheek.

What do you think about Bang Bang? Hit Em up dammit. Just kidding. For Real though. Slap in the ass then Bang Bang hit em up dammit," Gatewood posted on Facebook.

"The problem is much bigger than Facebook. It is a much bigger problem than a teacher saying that a child has nappy hair," School Board Commissioner Kenneth Whalum said.

Commissioner of City Schools, Kenneth Whalum, said that the real problem is a school environment in which a teacher thinks that there is no impact of this type of behavior.



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