Angry woman sets up graveyard with neighbors' names on it

The graveyard 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) An angry Michigan woman, is taking revenge against her neighbors by setting up a graveyard display on her lawn.

The woman set up a few headstones with her neighbors’ names on it.

On some of the gravestones, she put names while on others, she only wrote initials, but her neighbors know who she was referring to.

One of the headstones reads: “Rest in Peace Nosey Neighbors,” and another one reads: “Karma got me."

Residents in the area are unhappy with the display. Neighbors said that the stunt was done in retaliation because they called the city to complain about the woman parking a huge RV in her driveway.

Seems like the woman is sending a clear message to her neighbors not to mess with her, and that her property belongs to her and she can do in it whatever she wants whether they agree with it or not.



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