Doctor murders her lover's two wives

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By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A doctor was arrested yesterday, on suspicion of helping her partner kill two women, according to police.

The first case occurred in 1994, when a woman was found dead in an apartment in the Sharon area. The victim, Orit Kofrshmid, was found dead near a dozen sleeping pills.

The second death occurred in 2009, under similar circumstances. Jenny Moore died in the same apartment with dozens of sleeping pills near her dead body. The man that was married to the two victims was questioned by police at the time, but investigators concluded that he was not guilty of the crimes.

This morning, police asked a judge to keep the suspect jailed for now until they complete the investigation. At this time, no other suspects have been arrested except the doctor. The doctor also appeared in court today and was jailed as well. Police still do not know if more women died in the same manner. Police say that more arrests in this case will come shortly.

In 2010, investigators concluded that the death of the woman was a suspicious suicide. Police opened an investigation at that time into the events, but has not charged anyone with murder.

A short time later, the police decided to shift the investigation to examine whether the motive for the murder was due to the desire to inherit property of the victims.

The women left no will behind so their properties were transferred to their husband.

Recently, investigators began suspecting that the doctor, who works at one of the most prestigious private hospitals, was involved in the mysterious incidents. According to the information received, the suspect had a personal relationship with the victims’ spouse.

Police now believe that the two suspects conspired to kill the victims in order to strengthen their relationship. Police believe that the female anesthetist used her professional knowledge to cause the deaths of the women and covered up the murder to look like a suicide.



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