High school students launch sex fantasy league

Female high school students illustration 
By: Anika Rao 

Some U.S. high schools have launched what students call a fantasy sex league, according to school officials.

School administrators and parents are struggling with how to respond to the news that some high school male athletes created a fantasy league based on the statistics that give points every time a female participant gives sex to a male participant.

Parents of the Piedmont High School were notified of the existence of the league in a letter and email on Friday.

College athletes used an online competition, the same model of common fantasy leagues in major league sports, as a group activity for the last five or six years, Principal Rich Kitchens said in the letter.

"Male students earn points for documented participation in sexual activities with students," he wrote.

Most students who were enrolled in the league were not aware of the competition, he added.

School officials in suburban San Francisco Bay area, learned about the game during a meeting on date rape earlier this month.

Administrators interviewed students, parents and staff members, but were unable to identify any of the participants in the contest. Students referred to the competition as "Slut Fantasy League," Kitchens said.



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