Camera records teen girl giving birth on the street

Newborn babies illustration 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) CCTV footage shows a 16-year-old girl walking on the street with her parents in the neighborhood of Bagcilar in Istanbul.

While walking with two people, something is seen falling from the teenage girl. The trio stopped and looked at the thing on the floor and they continued walking. It turns out that a baby came out from the girl. They walked away, leaving the helpless newborn on the cold floor.

A passerby heard a baby crying so he walked to the sound of the baby’s cries, and realized that the baby was lying naked on the floor. He called emergency services. Police also responded to the scene. The baby was taken to a nearby hospital.

When questioned by police, the teen mother said she did not realize that she gave birth. "Something fell out of me. I thought it was a blood clot. I did not know it was a baby," she said.

“She was with both of her parents. They must have known the difference between a blood clot and a living baby,” police said.

Hospital staff said that the baby’s umbilical cord was already cut, suggesting it was delivered way before the mother dropped the baby on the floor.

The CCTV footage led authorities to believe that the family dropped the newborn baby on purpose.

Andrew Foote, president of the National Association of Obstetricians Specialists Australia, said that while it was possible that a baby could be delivered in a matter of minutes, it was unlikely that the mother would be able to stand straight let alone walk away right after giving birth.

"People can give birth in a few minutes, but are usually doubled over in labor pains. She would at least have to pause for breath," the doctor said.

Whether the woman gave birth on the street or not remains a mystery, but the baby is in good health and was taken to the Agency for Child Protection in Turkey, after being discharged from the hospital.