Woman, 79, becomes martial arts action hero

Kay D'Arcy 
By: Hydar Tomar 

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A woman, 79, became a martial arts action hero while other women her age are looking at retirement, according to reports.

Kay D'Arcy was not expecting what Hollywood had in store for her.

At an age when others have been relegated to playing invalids and widows, D'Arcy will appear as Agent 88, a murderer who keeps the tools of her trade stuck in her hair bun.

The punisher dispenses octogenarian thugs with acrobatic moves that would impress Jackie Chan.

In the first episode of the web series "Agent 88," D'Arcy demonstrates her martial arts skills in an encounter with the thugs surrounding the bloody body of her victim.

"Get lost," says a villain, and hits her to the ground. "I really wish you had not done that," she says, and takes action.

With lethal efficiency, she neutralizes all threats, delivering kicks that send them to the floor, pulling the bow and throwing daggers at the other assailants.

"Kay could not think of hurting a fly. She never thought in her life about hitting someone with intent to harm," Digger T. Mesch, the creator of the series, said.

"Somehow, she's in that set and she looked like a murderer."



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