Adult only home needed for foul-mouthed parrot

Foul-mouthed Beaky 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) Beaky is an exotic parrot. He is very good at imitating people, and he picks up words in no time at all.

Becky would have made a great companion for kids. The problem is that his previous owner had a foul mouth and cursed a lot. Beaky picked up the bad language, as he calls people stupid and he uses adult curse words.

“It has quite a vocabulary. It will surely be a challenging house guest,” RSPCA spokesperson Calie Rydings said.

Now, the Leybourne animal center in West Malling, Kent, is looking for a good home for the bird. They are looking for someone who has experience in dealing with exotic birds.

The one condition is that the family be adults only with no kids around since the bird uses a lot of bad language.

Another issue with Beaky is that it enjoys the company of people, but until it forms a bond with the family he may bite those it doesn’t know.

“Beaky is an intelligent and playful bird, but unfortunately, this talent means that it picked up some rather colorful language at its previous home. Its previous owner suffered from health issues, so Beaky was placed with the RSPCA,” Rydings said.



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