Man arrested after giving out candy cocaine to children

Bowl of candy illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

A man was arrested after giving out cocaine instead of candy to kids, according to police reports.

The British man is now behind bars after he was caught delivering cocaine to kids in his neighborhood.

Authorities said that the Manchester area man, Donald Junior Green, slid cocaine inside small plastic bags with zip closures.

The police were called after several children found bags of white powder in their bags and Green, 23, and a 21-year-old woman, were arrested for drug possession,according to reports.

The woman was later released.

Green, who lives in the small town of Royton, in the north of England, was due in court Friday.

He told police that he gave the children the cocaine by accident.

"We understand that this was an isolated incident," the local police superintendent said. According to authorities, none of the cocaine was actually used and definitely not by the children.



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