Woman refuses to pay restaurant because she is a single mom

"Single mom sorry" written on restaurant bill 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A woman refused to pay part of her restaurant bill because she is a single mom, according to a photo of her receipt uploaded to the Internet.

A photo of the receipt that was allegedly left behind by a mother at a restaurant, has gone viral after it was originally posted on a website popular for odd items.

The bill shows a charge of $138.35 for a meal without additional tip. Instead, there is a note that says "sorry single mom," implying that the woman who signed the bill does not have enough money because it is expensive to raise children alone.

The person who posted the photo wrote: "I'm sure $140 would have gotten you and your children a heritage week of shopping instead of spending all your money on a single meal?! Shame on you!"

Commentators, including many single mothers, were outraged. One woman wrote: "I am a single mother and this sucks. What exactly are you teaching your children?"

Dozens of commenters suggested that if a person, single mom or not, cannot afford to leave a tip, they should not have gone to a restaurant to eat.



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