Man auctions off Planet Earth with bids reaching $123 million

Planet Earth 
By: Aarav Sen 

When times are tough people come up with creative ideas to make end's meet. One Japanese man came up with a bizarre way to make money. He put planet Earth up for auction on ebay.

The opening bid started at only 86 cents, but has since skyrocketed. It is now up to $123 million.

This is the perfect gift for a billionaire who already has everything from the planet, now he can own the planet itself.

The auctioneer warns bidders that there is a "no return" policy on this item. So if you make an offer you may wind up owning the planet and its inhabitants. You may be tempted to post an offer as a joke, but the seller instructs all potential buyers to include a message expressing their serious intention to buy planet Earth, otherwise it will be considered a fake bid.

In the product description the seller mentions that the land was given to him by God, who appeared to him in a dream. Due to financial strains he decided to sell the planet to the highest bidder and improve his financial situation.



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