Mother pours boiling water on baby girl because she cried

Michelle Julia Woodhouse-Deboyes 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A woman poured scorching hot water on her baby because she was crying too much, according to police reports.

The North Carolina woman has been charged with felony child abuse, inflicting serious bodily injury and emotional harm, after she became so enraged by her 9-month-old daughter's crying that she poured boiling water over her.

Police said that the 33-year-old Michelle Julia Woodhouse-Deboyes was angry with her daughter's crying that she flipped the girl’s baby seat over with the baby still in it.

This action caused bruising on the baby’s face and only aggravated her crying. That is when Woodhouse-Deboyes tried a different approach. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee with boiling water and then poured boiling water on top of her crying daughter.

Still not getting the result she wanted, Woodhouse-Deboyes turned her daughter upside down on the hot water that had accumulated on the floor.

This resulted in the child being sent to Chapel Hill Burn Center, suffering from second-degree burns on over 12 percent of her body. She has been there for 10 days and now, unfortunately, required skin graft surgery.

So while the girl is going through that nightmare, her mother has been released on $200,000 bail.



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