Police find piece of woman's ear in man's pocket

Ear illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

Police made a gruesome discovery while booking a suspect into jail, according to reports.

Police arrested a Tulsa, Oklahoma man, and charged him with the brutal beating of a woman.

Police officers also found a piece of an ear in his pocket.

The injured woman flagged down an officer early Friday morning, outside an apartment complex located at the Braden Creek Apartments, 4801 South Braden Avenue, in Tulsa. She told police that 24-year-old Joseph Sidney Hall Jr., had beaten and held her against her will.

A police report said that the victim had bruises on her face, head, torso, arms and legs, as well as bite marks, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Police officers discovered the piece of ear as they booked the man into jail of the City of Tulsa.

Hall is being held without bail on complaints of domestic assault and battery, kidnapping, maiming and obstruction.

Police said that it appears that the piece of ear was torn off from the woman during the assault.



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