Man demands $1.00 from bank teller during robbery

Jeffrey McMullen 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A man orchestrated a bank robbery scheme, but for only $1.00 - according to police reports.

A Pennsylvania 50-year-old man, Jeffrey McMullen, robbed a bank for $1.00. At first, they thought it was a joke, but it was not.

McMullen had really only wanted $1.00. Not that he needed the $1.00, but it was more because he wanted to get caught and sent to federal prison, according to reports.

McMullen handed two notes to the tellers on Friday and demanded a dollar.

One note read: "FBI custody. Preferably at Loretto Pa. Seal all files." While another note read: "Federal bank robbery. Please give me no more than $1.00."

Police could not explain why McMullen wanted to go to jail. At this time, McMullen is awaiting a preliminary hearing and refuses a lawyer. He has to undergo a mental evaluation and his bail was set at $50,000.

According to reports it is possible that the suspect felt he couldn't take care of himself so he rather wanted to live his life in prison.



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