Two boys arrested for forcing brother and sister to perform sex acts

Children playing in park 
By: Anika Rao 

Two boys were arrested after forcing a brother and a sister to perform sex acts on each other in a park, according to court proceedings.

The boys are accused of forcing the brother and sister to perform sex acts, and use their mobile phones to photograph and video record the assault, prosecutors said.

The siblings, 5 and 6 years old at the time, were threatened with physical violence by the children if they did not follow their orders.

Contrary to what has been previously reported, the assault included penetration and fondling.

Prosecutor Nicole Brundo Goaley said at one point, the girl tried to leave the park, but the 12-year-old said in a threatening voice, "come here girl" and continued the assault.

Both siblings were victims of the assault. That was part of the new evidence presented in court on Monday, after second detention hearing was requested last week by the Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

Parents and other neighborhood residents were outraged that the children were released to their parents the day after their arrests and were allowed to stay in the neighborhood.

The mother of the victims wept as the details of the assault of her children were shown in court.

About 45 people gathered in the courtroom, although most left before the hearing due to lack of enough seats. Shortly after the beginning of the hearing, the courtroom was cleared of everyone except lawyers, the 12-year-old, and his mother, as the video of the assault was played.

Once the video was over, an investigator with the sheriff's office testified how the boys tried to delete the video, but investigators were able to recover the phone.

For much of the hearing, the mother of the 12-year-old turned her chair to survey the people in the courtroom, often looking at the parents of the victims.

The child began to cry as deputies placed him in handcuffs and took him away.



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