New Jersey Craigslist ads offer gas in exchange for sex

Gas for sex advertisements 
By: Anika Rao 

Some people who have some extra gas, are trying to exchange it for sex.

Some posts have popped up on the popular Craigslist website offering gas for sex.

One ad read: “Gas Here. I've got gas from Hess and looking for any sexy woman who may not want to wait on those long lines for hours, only to find the station is empty when it’s her turn. Let me know. We can work something out to get your tank filled and empty mine. Call or text.”

Hopefully, these people have not overstocked on gas, since it is against the law to buy an excess amount of gas. As we reported on Tuesday, a New York man was arrested for buying 150 gallons of gas.

According to investigators. Yunus Latif, of Richmond Hill, raised money from his neighbors, and bought gas at a Valero station about 80 miles away in Orange County and planned to bring it back to his neighborhood for resale.

Just before 9:00 p.m. Saturday, police found 5 gallon buckets each stacked inside Latif’s truck and it looked like the lids were beginning to expand, officials said. The Valero gas station owner, located at 347 Boston Post Road, was also arrested. Police said Muniruzzaman Gomosta, 41, should have known what Latif was doing since he came to the store several times to pay for gasoline cans.

Gomosta said the station was very busy and did not notice that Latif was filling five-gallon buckets with gasoline, police said. The two men were issued a misdemeanor citation for violation of the regulations on flammable or combustible liquids.



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