Man asks woman out on a date after robbing her

John Jardini 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) A man asked a woman out on a date after robbing her, according to reports.

The 26-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested after robbing a woman, and then calling the victim to ask her out on a date.

Reports indicate that the suspect, John Jardini, is in the Allegheny County Jail on charges of theft. Local police said that this is one of the strangest robberies that they have ever investigated.

Police said Jardini allegedly took $60 from the woman, who had just stepped off a bus and was waiting
for her mother. After the robbery, Jardini called the woman on her cellphone twice, and asked her if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to date him.

Police obtained a search warrant for the phone records and nearly caught Jardini, but then Jardini allegedly assaulted the same woman and her mother outside a local market.

Reports said he was arrested on the spot and positively identified as the man who stole from the woman earlier.

Local resident Mary Lou Parker said: "How can a person be so stupid?"



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