Man jailed after brother was caught shoplifting

Shawn Day 
By: Aarav Sen 

A man was jailed after his brother was seen on video shoplifting, according to reports.

Shawn Day of Lafayette, Tennessee, was arrested last September, on a warrant for shoplifting from an area Kmart in November 2010. Day ended up spending 20 days behind bars, and said he is still paying the price.

The problem for Shawn is his older brother, William. He is the one the police should have been looking for when they came to arrest him near his parents' house.

"He is my brother, and he used my name," Day said.

"I told them, no, I had no warrant against me. They said, 'Yes, there is.’ They took me to jail," he said.

He spent nearly three weeks in jail before he stood before a judge to proclaim his innocence.

"My brother was free and I was the one who went to jail for it," Shawn said in an attempt to get his name cleared.

Day, who has been in trouble with the law in the past, said William, was able to dodge the authorities because the two look very similar.

Charlotte Day, the brothers’ sister-in-law, is seen in surveillance images from the Kmart being chased by store security as a man walks away to the right.

The Police Department of Anderson County, provided the video of a police car at the scene that showed William was leaving the store.

"That's Charlotte behind him, and that's William, my brother, sitting right there," Day said as he watched the recording.

The identity crisis is still going on, as he is paying $2,500 in court fees and routinely has to visit with a probation officer.

"I just want my name cleared, in this way, I can start my life again," said Day.



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