Pizza delivery person pees on customer’s door after she failed to tip

Chloe Teply 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) Gone are the days when people graciously tip restaurant workers and delivery boys.

With the bad economy people cannot afford to give tips as they used to.

One woman who did not tip the pizza delivery guy, learned the hard way that delivery guys don’t like being stiffed.

Chloe Teply ordered a pizza pie. When her order was delivered she paid for her order and closed her door without giving the driver a tip.

This did not sit too well with a Des Moines, Iowa, Pizza Hut employee. The delivery man felt cheated, and he felt that he was owed the tip.

So he took revenge by urinating on her door. When Teply came out of her house she saw the mess the man made, and she asked management to review the security cameras inside the apartment complex.

Sure enough, the delivery man is seen peeing on her door. “It's just one of those things where unfortunately, I don't have the money for,” Teply said.

Apartment manager Sheri Larson called the Pizza Hut to complain, and the driver was sent back to apologize and to clean up his mess. He was later fired.



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