School janitor suffers injuries from Vaseline prank

Vaseline illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A school janitor has sued a school after a Vaseline prank caused her to suffer injuries, according to a lawsuit filed in court.

Linda Gillie, 53, said she suffered leg and head injuries from an incident in Galashiels Academy in Scottish Borders.

Her lawyers argued that there had been a long history of jokes at school. In another incident, an English teacher at the school was said to have been hit with sardines that was hidden in a hand dryer.

Court documents said that Scottish Borders council did not do enough to stop students from playing jokes on school staff.

However, local authorities are denying the allegations and said that the students were not at school that day and went on a trip to a theme park the next day.

According to court documents filed in the Court of Session, Gillie was working as an assistant janitor at the school in May 2009, when she was asked to clean Vaseline.

Her lawyers said: "She was alerted by a teacher, Mrs. Hall, of the presence of Vaseline, which had been smeared on the railing of the stairs near the science department of the school. Vaseline had been placed there by the sixth graders as a joke. In addition, condoms were placed on the door knobs. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Gillie there had also been Vaseline on the steps. She slipped on the Vaseline, fell down and suffered injuries."

Her lawyers said she suffered a mild head injury and bruises, and later had to have general anesthesia
procedures for removing a fluid swelling in her left leg.

She was left with a scar and could not return to work until October 2010.

Her lawyers added: "In the years before the accident, leaving sixth year students have thrown eggs and tomato ketchup in school, sardines were placed in lockers, dirty diapers left in school, fish left at the library and black boot polish on seats.”

The council is charged with failing to take measures to discourage students from performing the jokes in the last week of term.



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